Devin Richards


LMGJAZZ is proud to present Devin Richards' debut CD


1.    My Own Voice (Furman/Richards)
2.    Without A Song/Sing (Rose/Youmans/Raposo)
3.    I Wanna Make Music (Steve Schalchlin)
4.    Fever (Lee)
5.    Lovers in Disguise (Steve Schalchlin/Shapiro)
6.    Too Darn Hot (Porter)
7.    Change Sucks (Henn)
8.    Merry Go Round (Furman)
9.    Every Breath I Take (Zippel/Coleman)
10.  Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child/Ol Man River (Traditional/Hammerstein/Kern)
11.   Best of Times/My Own Voice (White/Furman)

Recorded live at Metropolitan Room in June 2007, "My Own Voice" is a collection of standards mixed with new songs by Dan Furman, Devin Richards and Ritt Henn.

Musicians: Dan "The Man" Furman; Bass: Ritt Henn; Keyboard, Accordion, Flute: John Dipinto; Percussion: Doug Hinrichs. Arranged by Dan "The Man" Furman, Ritt Henn, Devin Richards.  Produced by  Ralph Lampkin, Jr. and Devin Richards.  Associate Produced by Maryann Lopinto, Joe Spier and Sharon Carry. Remixed and Remastered by Ralph Lampkin Jr and John Nuner for LMG.  LMGJAZZ Product number 0420



Before he was cast in Finian’s Rainbow, Devin Richards didn’t know anything about the show, which was groundbreaking for its pro-equality message and racially integrated chorus in 1947 but has been seldom revived since then. Richards knows groundbreaking, though. In 2002, at a regional theater in upstate New York, he costarred in a multiracial production of The Sound of Music as Captain Von Trapp, the would-be Nazi officer based on a real-life Austrian. He believes he’s the only black ever to play the part.

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From the Liner Notes by Tony award winner Audra McDonald:

"The night Devin invited me to his debut cabaret at the Metropolitan room, I discovered so much more than the solid booming bass baritone I had come to know. Devin was engaging, funny, powerful and touching. A true solo artist. I was thrilled by his innovative repertoire and the ability to make each song truly his own. I was struck by his uncanny ability to connect with the audience in both song and in witty relaxed banter. And then there is the voice. It is a voice with so many beautiful rich colors and such incredible range. He has all of the booming bass baritone depth of Paul Robeson as well as the vocal agility and style of Al Jarreau. Yet it's all his organic sound. It was his voice. It was truly an evening of discovery for all who were there. For me it was discovery of a part of my friend I had not known. For the audience it was discovery of a wonderful solo artist. And for Devin it was the discovery of his own voice. And what a spectacular voice it is!

"Taking an enormous risk, Richards ended the evening with "Ol' Man River" and let it simply soar, singing it with all the power and emotion the song could have. For an encore, he returned to sing White's "Best of Times," letting his audience catch their collective breaths, and letting the concert end on a high note. As debuts go, this was an impressive one, and may this cabaret be the first of many. Mr. Richards has talent and charisma to spare, and certainly belongs in the spotlight."

Devin Richards has made his mark in NYC by performing on Broadway for the past 15 years in 10 different Broadway shows (Jazz Singer in Victor/Victoria, Fleetwood in The Life, David Bascombe in Carousel, Fred in Smokey Joe's Cafe) as well as singing in clubs such as Birdland, Iridium Jazz Club, Cleopatra's Needle, and the Metropolitan Room.

In concert,  he has performed at Carnegie Hall, at Lincoln Center with the NY Philharmonic as well as in the Emmy Award winning Live at Lincoln Center performance of "Passion" as Lt. Barri and as guest soloist in several Town Hall Concerts in NYC. He has performed with stars Harry Connick Jr, Gladys Knight, Lou Rawls, Rick Springfield, Audra Mcdonald, Tony Orlando, Joan Jett, Julie Andrews and Gloria Gaynor to name only a few.

Easily able to move through a variety of musical genres he is often compared to Al Jarreau, Paul Robeson, and Barry White, yet he has a style all his own which is portrayed in this debut cd. Through witty banter and song he truly expresses his own voice.

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Songs include: Send in the Clowns, I Didn't Go To My Prom, At Last, My Own Voice, I Wanna Make Music, Only One Life, Tango.

Artists include: Tyler Stephenson, Robin Kay, Martha Lorin, Devin Richards, Bob Solone, Tyler Stephenson

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