Alexandra Billings


                 1.      Overture/Home Again
                 2.      Blue Skies / I Can See Clearly Now
                 3.      It Goes Like It Goes
                 4.      The Music that Makes Me Dance
                 5.      The Grass Is Always Greener
                 6.      She's a Star / Rose's Turn
                 7.      Come Rain or Shine
                 8.      Angels, Punks and Raging Queens
                 9.      Bill/I Want More / Anything You Want
               10.     Sweet Dreams
               11.     I'm Not My Mother
               12.     The Alone Medley
               13.     The Story Goes On

"Billings has one of the best belt voices since Ethel Merman"

"Being Alive" is a gem from start to finish." - John Hoglund, Backstage Magazine.

"The lady is beautiful and her vocals are extraordinary." - Stu Hamstra.. Cabaret Hotline.

"Being Alive" is the CD debut of the Year!" - Marle Becker.. WBAI-FM.. New York


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"Alexandra Billings has a strong, passionate voice with just the right blend of vulnerability and vitality. The songs on her CD "Being Alive" reflect both qualities, and sometimes on the same track. in an eclectic variety of popular tunes, she takes on the bright and bouncy "Rhythm/Got Rhythm Medley" and "Some People" right along side with the poignant title song and "Come Sail Away." No matter the genre, Billings gets her message across. Her "Haunting Medley (It's Too Late/Holding Back the Years)" is just that-haunting and beautiful while "Fifty Percent" is full of determination and spirit."
"Being Alive" is an honest and powerful music venture.
Laurie Lawson.. April 2003.


                   “Her voice can be sassy and bouncy as on the album's kickoff medley of "Rhythm" and "I Got Rhythm."  She is genuinely sincere on "Let the River Run" and imaginative on the unusually gentle rendition of "Goin" Out of My Head."   "Her vocal performances and true confessions liner notes give new meaning to the phrase "letting it all hang out."
Dave Nathan.


"Alexandra Billings is the most electric talent to come out of our community."
Lawrence Boomer, Windy City Times.



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